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Hypnosis: The new anesthetic?

CBS News Can you imagine going through major surgery without general anesthesia? That's what Christel Place (left) did when she had her thyroid removed – and she's one of a growing number of patients who opt out of general anesthesia and get hypnotized instead. Hypnosis plus a local anesthetic leaves patients sedated but aware, reports the Associated Press, and doctors say their recovery time is faster and their need for painkillers reduced. This method is feasible for only certain operations, […]

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Hypnosis before anaesthetics

Prior to the invention of chemical anaesthetics, back when patients were still being operated on whilst fully conscious, and often held down screaming, the Scottish Surgeon James Esdaile (1808–1859) reported on 350 major operations he had performed using hypnosis as the only form of pain management. In his book ‘Mesmerism in India’, published in 1850, Esdaile describes 250 various surgeries using hypnosis for anaesthesia. In it Esdaile pointed out significant reductions in rates of mortality, morbidity and postoperative complications as a […]

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