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Weight Loss


Weight is a subjective topic that brings out a lot of emotion and conjecture with people. It is not up to me to judge whether you are overweight or not. Different cultures and customs attribute beauty to different body shapes and appearances. To a certain degree (although the trend is by no means ongoing and overwhelming) western culture worships a lean and muscled body. For proof – look at fashion/health magazines and home shopping TV channels!!


All this can lead to a detrimental level of thinking whether by beauty is associated closely to a lean and muscled body shape – therefore if you don't conform you must loose weight!!

'Weight No More' Workshops

In this workshop you will discover information that will help change your life forever. You will learn how to lose weight and control it forever! And you will create a 'virtual lap band' that will stop you from consuming too much food.

This means you will:

  • Be satisfied with smaller amounts of food
  • Feel fuller sooner
  • Choose healthy foods naturally
  • Easily say no to junk food.
  • Be motivated to be more active
  • Burn fat easily and get in shape.

All you need to do is apply the techniques and you'll begin to lose kilos from today!

The methods you will learn have been used successfully around the world for decades. From tried and true methods of hypnosis, meditation and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) comes a weight loss program that empowers you to achieve your personal weight loss goals, without dieting!

One on One

Weight loss hypnotherapy is the use of hypnotherapy techniques to address your subconscious issues regarding your body weight and appearance.

Believe it or not, your subconscious may not want to lose weight or keep any weight loss permanently!!

Why not? Your subconscious is there to protect you. There maybe a myriad of 'irrational reasons' that your subconscious doesn't 'approve of weight loss' – all of these will have resulted from some past conditioning from your experiences.

Whatever reasons behind your subconscious hindrance to weight control – you need to bring your subconscious on side about weight loss. You need to convince your subconscious through hypnosis that weight loss is really good for you!

When you book in for a session of weight control hypnosis with UniquelyU, we firstly examine you in hypnotic state (this can only be done with your conscious consent – no one can be hypnotised without allowing themselves to be!) and examine the real reasons you want to lose weight as well as the real reasons that are holding your back from achieving weight loss.

Through hypnosis your subconscious mind will have imprinted new patterns of thinking and doing to help you release the weight so that your health will benefit and you will keep the excess away permanently!

The best thing is…UniquelyU hypnotherapy will make permanent weight loss seem effortless – just like driving that car – you will not need to think about it! You will eat right, exercise, lose weight and keep it off without needing to will yourself every minute of every day.

Hypnosis for weight control, with UniquelyU will give you permanent mental tools that will keep you focused on healthy habits and build inner confidence in your appearance. This will bring greater health, better relationship and greater self confidence.

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