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Study Skills

Many students would love to improve their study skills. However, there is so much pressure on students today to produce results that many students do not fulfill their potential.

Hypnosis is a well-established method of enabling students to overcome the problems that inhibit their academic performance.  UniquelyU has qualified hypnotherapists that can combat phobias, control bad habits and, significantly, enhance performance.

Hypnosis allows you greater control over your own mind and body. This greater control can enable you to not only overcome stress and anxiety but also improve study skills and overcome what might be called self-sabotaging behavior.

On many occasions, academic difficulties have less to do with learning subject matter than with the ability to study correctly and absorb information effectively. For many it is a daunting challenge to focus on studying, with a mind that is easily distracted or filled with anxieties.

Through hypnosis, UniquelyU can provide a student with a calmer, more relaxed mindset, enabling a more efficient use of study time.

It has been proven to help improve concentration, memory, mental focus, increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem. It can also decrease self-doubt, reduce stress and help students ‘visualize’ success, and therefore reduce the risk of failure and, sometimes, the fear of success.

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy allows you to be more in control of the body’s natural supply of adrenalin, and helps you in keeping pressure under control. It enables you to stop defeating yourself. Mentally, you can be in control. This can lead to exams being successfully ‘visualized’ in advance, with the terror removed.

Too many students struggle to fulfill their potential. They suffer anxiety when exams come round and so make poor decisions. They simply do not know how to overcome the stresses of their lives.

For those students who tried it, hypnosis has been a life-changing force which has enabled them to take back control of their own minds and create the success that they desire.

Group Workshops or One on One

UniquelyU runs workshops in schools and universities and also with individuals. In each case the client is provided with Workbook to fill in and refer back to as well as a CD (Mp3) to reinforce the hypnotic suggestions.

To book:

Phone: Cherie on 0400 725 201 or
Email: info@uniquelyu.com.au

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