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Sports Performance

Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool for athletes for both therapeutic and performance-enhancement purposes.

Many great athletes confess to using hypnosis to better their game. There are numerous great names who have said that they do, and thousands more who have not told anyone but yet they also do. Hypnosis has even been used in the Olympics.

Here are some well-known groups, and very well known athletes that we know use hypnosis:

  • Steve Hooker – Australian gold medalist in pole vaulting
  • Tiger Woods – Golfer, trained under Jay Brunza
  • Phil Mickelson – Golfer, trained under Dean Reinmuth
  • Mary Lou Retton – Gold medal winner L.A. Olympics
  • Chicago White Sox – Used a full time hypnotist to make the playoffs
  • Phil Jackson  –  Basketball player, has always used hypnosis
  • Rod Carew – Baseball player, used hypnosis to rid himself of pain getting a .400 batting average
  • In Baseball, Mark McGwire, Don Sutton, Maury Wills, George Brett, and Nolan Ryan all admitted using hypnosis
  • Ken Norton – Boxer, used hypnosis for the 1973 fight with Muhammed Ali and won!
  • Jimmy Connors – Tennis, uses hypnosis
  • Dr. Raymond Abrezor – skiing Olympic winner.
  • Ingmar Johannson – Boxer, used hypnosis to win heavyweight-boxing title

More names that acknowledge using sports hypnosis are Greg Louganis, Talmadge Griffiths, Wayne Gretzky, Freeman McNeil, Steve Stone, Boomer Esiason, as well as a great number of MLB, NFL, NHL, Wrestling, Boxing, Olympic and Pro Athletes use sports hypnosis to get that edge and keep it!

Coaches and athletes alike benefit from using hypnosis.  

The mental training of sports hypnosis with UniquelyU lets the athlete:

  • Pinpoint their focus
  • Overcome the problems of lack of concentration
  • Feel completely energized and totally revitalized

It works by having hypnosis do away with the distractions of the conscious mind, and allowing the subconscious mind to work instead with the precision that every athlete needs. This then totally eradicates any nervousness felt by the athlete, as well as being able to feel at one with the mind as well as the body. In this manner, their minds are cleared of outside pressures and negative thoughts. Once the mind and body are harmonized, the athlete can’t help but do his/her best.

Further athletic benefits are:

  • Great improvement of the sports style of the athlete
  • Heightened development of mental stamina
  • Loss or gain of weight
  • Greatly improved performance
  • Remarkable increase of physical endurance
  • Alleviation of pre-competition nervousness due to heightened confidence
  • Increased motivation
  • Removal of hesitations in performance

It’s time to beat your personal best!

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