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Performance Enhancement

Anxiety, self doubt, negative thought and beliefs can all affect how well we perform in any given situation and fear can severely affect our performance. We feel the fear even before we have performed or before an event has happened therefore it is our expectations and our doubts that are causing the fear.  A small amount of stress is necessary in order to stand out and be our best and to be too relaxed will take away that edge that we need however, when the levels of stress get too high it can mean that we don’t perform as well as we could have and experience results and emotions that may cause us to avoid stepping up in the future.  When we keep ourselves blanketed in our comfort zone we deny ourselves the opportunity to grow and achieve.

If you have had previous negative experiences when performing in any area in the past that resulted in feelings of humiliation, embarrassment or severe anxiety then you may have this ingrained in your subconscious so that the same emotions come up time and time again when placed in a similar situation.

Once free of negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs you can then begin to reprogram yourself to experience the results you want and to feel empowered in the process.  If you are wanting to optimise your performance in sport, business, career, performing arts, public speaking or whatever it may be for you, then Hypnosis with UniquelyU, combined with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) will help you to;

  • Eliminate negativity and self doubt
  • Control performance anxiety, frustration or anger
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Increase your levels of motivation to succeed
  • Discover your true potential

After hynosis with UniquelyU, the next time you are called upon to do something, that in the past, caused you discomfort, you will notice how easily you can now reduce the anxiety and the fear and allow yourself to be in total control.

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