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CDs designed especially for you!

CDs designed and recorded especially for you! At Uniquely U we can design and record a CD that is tailored just for you. All you have to do is phone (0400 725 201) or email Cherie (cherie@uniquelyu.com.au) with your specific requirements. Cherie will then contact you to interview you and clarify your needs. Then you're set to achieve your goals whether they are release from anxiety, stopping smoking, weight loss or any other need. All this for just $150 plus […]

What you Focus on You Get!

Ever wondered why, when you want to eat less, you seem to eat MORE! That's because of this rule… "What you focus on you get'. Check this video out. It'll prove to you that this is true. You may have seen it before but whether you have, or haven't, it is very descriptive of this principle. If you haven't seen it before, don't read anything before you watch it. You'll realise why afterwards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4 Here's another one that's not as […]

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Top 10 Causes of Workplace Stress – Hypnosis can Help!

According to CNN-Money.com, Americans spent more than $17 billion for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs in 2002, up 10% from the year before and nearly 30% over a two year period. The Institute for Management Excellence reports that American industry spends more than $26 billion each year for medical bills and disability payments with another $10 billion for executive's lost workdays, hospitalization, and early death. While these trends might be caused by some who are simply intolerant to stressful situations, it […]

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Hypnosis: The new anesthetic?

CBS News Can you imagine going through major surgery without general anesthesia? That's what Christel Place (left) did when she had her thyroid removed – and she's one of a growing number of patients who opt out of general anesthesia and get hypnotized instead. Hypnosis plus a local anesthetic leaves patients sedated but aware, reports the Associated Press, and doctors say their recovery time is faster and their need for painkillers reduced. This method is feasible for only certain operations, […]

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Easing Pain and Improving Recovery… Stanford School of Medicine

Emily Hite on April 10th, 2012 A growing body of scientific evidence supports the belief that hypnosis holds therapeutic value, and recent studies have begun to illuminate how. Researchers are now likening hypnosis to the placebo effect, altering a patient’s expectations in order to lessen pain and fear and even improve recovery efforts. The Wall Street Journal reports: “We can teach people how to manage pain and anxiety, ” says David Spiegel, [MD,] psychiatrist and director of the Center for […]


Hypnosis, Cost Effective

ScienceDaily (July 5, 2011) — Treating chronic migraines with behavioral approaches — such as relaxation training, hypnosis and biofeedback — can make financial sense compared to prescription-drug treatment, especially after a year or more, a new study found.   Longtime behavioral therapy researcher and practitioner Dr. Donald Penzien, University of Mississippi Medical Center professor of psychiatry, coauthored the study. He said the costs of prescription prophylactic drugs — the kind chronic migraine sufferers take every day to prevent onset — […]

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Hypnotherapy Eases Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms, Expert Says

ScienceDaily (Mar. 17, 2010) — Hypnotherapy seems to be very effective for easing the distressing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and in a goodly proportion of cases, clears up symptoms altogether, reveal experts during a wide ranging discussion of the condition in a Frontline Gastroenterology podcast.   Excluding certain foodstuffs may help alleviate symptoms, but usually only for a while, says Professor Roland Valori, editor of Frontline Gastroenterology. That's because dietary measures don't tackle the root cause of the […]


Hypnosis Effective for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (Apr. 2, 2012) — Hypnosis can be a highly effective treatment for the bowel disorder IBS. Studies involving a total of 346 patients conducted by researchers at The Sahlgrenska Academy of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, showed that hypnotherapy alleviated symptoms in 40 per cent of those affected — and that the improvement is long-term.   Around 15 per cent of the Swedish population is thought to suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), symptoms of which include abdominal pain […]


Is medical hypnosis effective?

Published April 11, 2012 The Wall Street Journal On the mornings she undergoes chemotherapy, Jeanne Safer hypnotizes herself en route in the taxi. She starts by closing her eyes, then rolling them up to the top of her head and down, all the while breathing deeply. "As I'm doing that, I'm saying to myself, 'This is a procedure that will save my life. I'm not going to fight it. I'm going to make it as easy on my body as […]


Stage Hypnosis

"The greatest skill of the stage hypnotist is to select the people who want to come on stage and entertain the rest of the audience." Quote from Joseph O'Connor in The NLP Workbook: a practical guide to achieving the results you want. HarperCollins Publishers 2001 p171